10 Tips That Will Change How You Meditate

Become a diligent meditator and reap all the benefits that come with it.

Karo Wanner
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10 Tips That Will Change How You Meditate
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A student approached his Zen master and asked, ‘Master, how can I find tranquility in a restless and chaotic world?’

The master held up a glass and said, ‘Look at this glass. It is filled with muddy water. What do you see?’

The student replied, ‘I see brown water with pieces floating around.’

The master nodded and said, ‘If I were to hold this glass and let it be still, what will happen?’

The student hesitated for a moment and answered, ‘The mud will settle, and the water will become clear.”

The master smiled and said, ‘In meditation, allow your mind to be still. Just as the glass of water becomes clear when left undisturbed, so too will your mind find clarity and peace. Embrace stillness and tranquility will naturally arise.’

You are Buddha nature — your heart and mind have the potential to awaken like Buddha under the Bodhi tree 2.500 years ago.

Meditation is a tool to train our minds.

Here are 10 tips that will make your mediation journey easier and help you to finally become a diligent meditator.

#1 Set a timer

Meditation is about discipline. Some of our thoughts will make us feel uncomfortable. Now the question is do you have the discipline to ease into them and not give up at the first unpleasant feeling?

It’s easier if you set yourself a time, switch on the timer, and then sit with it (literally) until the time is up.

If you don’t set a timer the chance you’ll give up early is high. Start small and ease your mind into meditation.

We need to ease the mind into the practice, so that it doesn’t rebel. — Gelong Thubten

Start with 1 minute and slowly increase your meditation time.

No need to meditate for hours to see results.

#2 See meditation as an opportunity — not a duty



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