3 Reasons Why Mindfulness Becomes Easier Together

You can’t go alone on your mindfulness journey.

Karo Wanner
4 min readAug 28


3 Reasons Why Mindfulness Becomes Easier Together
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Imagine you would live alone on a beautiful beach. Every morning you have enough time for your morning routine.

Meditation. Exercise. Shower. Breakfast. Journaling.

Nobody disturbs you. It’s just you against you.

It sounds like a dream.

Imagine how you would feel after a week of living like this.

Calm. Centered. Recharged.

But present or in your head?

Practicing solitude is a great way to center yourself, to find peace, and to relax. It’s an important part of your journey toward inner peace. As Nikki Rowe says ‘Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace.’

But, living like that will never lead you to a real awakening — in the long run it will hold you back.

Here are 3 reasons why you also need people and chaos in your life to truly live in awareness.

#1 Awakening happens when you live

I haven’t formerly meditated for months but yet I am more present than ever. My screen time went down to 47 minutes per day compared to 2–3 hours before.


I became a mother.

This morning I had my Yogi tea and it greeted me with this quote ‘Love is an infinite power’. It deeply resonated with me. The love for my son is helping me to choose the present moment over the past, the future, or other people's lives.

The human experience is rich like a high-quality barista coffee — full of sweet and bitter moments.

Awakening happens in the context of human relationships. Sometimes it’s incredible pain that catapults us forward and in other circumstances it’s love.

A life rich in experiences like getting your heart broken, giving birth or deeply loving helps you to find back to who you truly are — radiant awareness.

#2 Relationships reveal your triggers

Think about the last holidays when all your family members came together. Such events…



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