4 Eye-Opening Mindfulness Lessons I Learned From a Stage 4 Cancer Patient

‘When you are no longer afraid to die you are free to live.’ — Jeri Anderson

Karo Wanner


4 Eye-Opening Mindfulness Lessons I Learned From a Stage 4 Cancer Patient
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I’m obsessed with learning everything about newsletters.

Whenever I have a minute I tune into podcasts to learn from other newsletter operators.

While eating my lunch I listened to Jeri. She talked about her success with email marketing and all of a sudden she dropped a bomb.

She also has stage 4 cancer.

What she learned from having cancer and how she still built a successful business to help people lose weight are eye-opening.

I did not learn much about email marketing this time all that stuck in my head were these 4 things she said.

Honor yourself and your body

Building a business and having cancer don't go well together.

The needed treatment often left Jeri exhausted.

There was no room for the hustle of a founder.

She told herself just to do one thing from the seemingly endless to-do list whenever her body allowed it.

Having a serious disease taught Jeri what’s important and she only focused on that.

You have to honor yourself and your body. You learn there is another day, most things are not that important.

— Jeri Anderson

Every day we are bombarded with thousands of tasks and often we run around like a headless chicken to complete one after another.

What we don’t do is listen to ourselves, set boundaries, and brutally prioritize.

Honor yourself enough to say ‘no’ when you need a break and to slow down when you feel exhausted.

Rest is not a luxury — it’s a necessity.

Remember what Jeri said ‘There is another day’!

You have nothing to lose

There is this thing you are dreaming of doing for a long time.



Karo Wanner

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