6 Tools To Stay Zen During the Holiday Season

How to instantly calm yourself when life gets overwhelming.

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6 Tools To Stay Zen During the Holiday Season
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How do you feel about Christmas?

Are you looking forward to this festive time of the year or are you already getting nervous about all the things on your to-do list?

The weeks leading up to Christmas can be extremely stressful.

At work, everybody wants to hit their goals and finish things off.

At home presents need to be prepared, gatherings organized, decorations, Christmas calendars, food, Christmas parties…

The biggest gift you can give to you and your family is a happy and relaxed you. Don’t get sucked into the craziness this year.

Here are my 6 top tools to stay zen during the holiday season.

Besides these, it’s a game-changer if you decide not to give each other gifts this year. Imagine all the time and mental energy you would get back from that alone…

Use This Simple 4-Step Process To Manage Your Emotions

When things go wrong we suffer because we have created an opinion about how our lives, relationships, or this year's Christmas season should be.

We can avoid suffering by removing our huge expectations. But how is the 100 million dollar question?

Everything is opinion, and opinion is in your power. — Marcus Aurelius

Amid the chaos, it’s hard to see reality. Therefore, we need to pause and ask ourselves am I creating suffering for myself?

The great thing is everybody can learn how to do this.

When you feel triggered or overwhelmed, use the S-O-U-L Method to see things for what they are.

  • Stop: Stop whatever you do and don’t react to the powerful emotions you feel. Non-reaction is the way out of suffering.
  • Observe: Then observe your thoughts. What are you feeling? Anger, jealousy, pain, disappointment? Take a deep breath.
  • Untie: Imagine yourself standing behind a waterfall. You are the observer, the water is your stream of thoughts…



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